Jennifer Lopez "thought it was hilarious" when a 15ft Christmas Tree fell on top of her.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Former 'Queer Eye' star Thom Filicia was helping J-Lo decorate a 15 foot tree at her home when it tumbled down, but the 'On The Floor' hitmaker handled the incident like a pro.

Speaking on podcast 'Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef', Thom said: "All of a sudden I'm like, 'Something's happening and I can't figure it out. What's going on?' And you realise, I think the tree's collapsing and it's heading for Jennifer. And the tree just kind of landed on her. It was happening like in slow motion and she just kind of started laughing and running backwards and gave me the tree. And then the whole tree collapsed onto the ground. And she just stood there and I thought this could go North or South. Like, what is this going to be like? And she just started laughing and thought it was hilarious. And I did too. And nothing really got damaged cause there's nothing in the room at that time, really at that moment. And there was no ornaments on the tree or anything, but it was very funny."

Thom admitted he bought the tree from a friend in New York City, and the base hadn't been cut off properly which led to the festive fall.

He explained: "It was, must've been like a 15 foot tree and we, the tree was put up and the lights were being put on it.

"And you know, those trees when they they're in water and the base is in water. And so the base gets kind of moist, you know, and like kind of squishy. And you're supposed to chop that piece off and maybe a few of the lower branches.

"So that, that piece of the part of the trunk that goes into the stand is really solid. I don't think they did that properly.

"They didn't cut off enough or maybe any at all. But again, the guy that did it, I think he might be kind of a Dodo head anyways."

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