Jennifer Saunders' daughter Beattie Edmondson has given birth to her first child.

Jennifer Saunders and Beattie Edmondson

Jennifer Saunders and Beattie Edmondson

The 60-year-old star - who is married to comedy legend Ade Edmondson - has become a grandmother again after the 32-year-old actress gave birth to a baby girl, named Mabel, on Wednesday afternoon (20.06.19).

Announcing the happy news on Instagram, Beattie showed off her new tot alongside her actor husband Sam Francis, and joked: "After 3 years of pregnancy and a thousand years in labour we finally have a baby Mabel. P.s sound on for the vid if you're a poo fan (sic)"

Jennifer - who also has two daughter's Ella, 33 and Freya, 28 with Ade - was made a grandmother for the first time in 2012 when their eldest daughter gave birth to her now seven-year-old grandson Fred.

And Beattie has worked with her 'Absolutely Fabulous' mother on various different onscreen projects - most recently the 2019 comedy 'Patrick' - and she previously admitted that she loves working with Jennifer because she is an "amazing" showbiz legend.

Opening up about being on set with her mum, Beattie said: "Pros: she's amazing and she's easy to bounce off, so we could do a little fun improv. Cons: it's like taking your mum to work. I'm always thinking, 'Oh no, she'll ask how I'm eating, or about my skin regime.'

"And she's not forthcoming with compliments... As a needy actress, I'm like, "So was that good? Did I do good, Mummy?" And she'll say, "Yeah, it was fine.'

"Comparisons are quite hard, not just from other people but from myself. I think, 'What was my mum doing when she was 30? Oh, she had her own TV series and two children.'

"You really shouldn't compare yourself to people, especially in this industry, but it's difficult not to."

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