Jeremy Renner thinks Paul Rudd is the "most tremendous human".

Jeremy Renner reacts to Paul Rudd's new title

Jeremy Renner reacts to Paul Rudd's new title

The 50-year-old actor has lavished praise on the Hollywood star after he was recently named by People magazine as its sexiest man alive.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Jeremy said: "I think that’s a tremendous thing! I knew this a long time ago. Paul the most tremendous man around, he’s not just the sexiest or the funniest. He’s the most tremendous human. I love him so much!"

Jeremy has played the role of Hawkeye for a decade and he will be reprising the character for a new Disney+ series.

The actor thinks the 'Hawkeye' series has a "great message" to send out to younger viewers.

He said: "It’s Marvel so it’s full of surprises. I think that the things that people know – or what even I knew about the character – are more deeply expressed. I think there’s going to be a more clear definition of why this guy is a mothering superhero.

"There’s not even any superpowers – I talk about it with kids all the time. You don’t need be flying round with lasers."

Jeremy stars alongside Hailee Steinfeld in the show, and he admits that their on-screen dynamic is fundamental to the series.

He said: "That [relationship] is big part of the show – that’s why he’s a superhero or a dad or a father. It comes from that steadfastness of sometimes tough love and there’s a lot of cathartic emotions that come from the process he’s had and she helps him with. The two of them become a very big part of each other’s lives and make each other better.

"Even in tragedy or in beauty or in happiness when you share that experience, it’s a beautiful thing.

"It’s being told in a long format, six hours instead of two – that was more pressure. We have this character that has been around for a long time but not a lot of information is known about him. We could have the luxury of time to spend with new characters to have a greater understanding."