Jessie J took time away from the music industry so she could "heal" her own wounds.

Jessie J

Jessie J

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker disappeared from the spotlight for a while after suffering some "health issues" and also wanting to take time to grieve for her late grandparents.

She told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "In the two years that I did 'The Voice' in Australia, I was diagnosed with some health issues that I'm not ready to talk about that I had to really face as a woman.

"I also lost my grandparents and didn't have time to grieve. The hardest part about being an artist is that you have to open your wounds to heal other people's and you don't often get the time to heal your own."

The 29-year-old singer previously revealed she works out to help combat her heart condition, Wolff-Parkinson-White disease.

She said: "It doesn't go away, sadly. It's just something that I've had to deal with since I was a child and it pushed me to get stronger. It's just part of who I am.

"I do have to make sure I stay healthy and look after myself. I kind of love that I have something that pushes me to be healthier. I credit that to my mum and dad.

"Because even when I was in hospital as a kid and I was having operations and I was let out hospital to go to school rehearsals for plays and I would go back in at night but they never let it define me or make me feel different.

"They always told me to use it as a strength and I know that I inspire anyone who has an illness or feels trapped."

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