Jessie Ware believes a ghost is haunting her house.

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

The 34-year-old singer is convinced that there is a spooky presence spooking her at her home and the apparent apparition is making her scared to go to bed in the dark.

Admitting she "absolutely" believes in the supernatural, the 'Say You Love Me' hitmaker told Stylist magazine: "Coincidence doesn't explain enough. Basically, I'm scared of the dark and very worried that there's a ghost in my house."

Due to her belief in an afterlife, Jessie isn't scared of dying or what happens next but is more focused on "the burden of grief" that her loved ones will face when she is passed away.

She said: "I'm more scared about who I leave behind, the burden of grief. My mum says she wants everyone sobbing and pounding the coffin at her funeral and I want something similar."

In the interview, Jessie also gushed about the two greatest loves of her life; her two-year-old daughter, whom she raises with her husband Sam Burrows and food.

She said: "Obviously my daughter [is the love of my life] but also food. It never lets me down. Apart from when I recently had a bad Burger King Whopper on the M1. It promised so much but didn't pack enough punch."

She also added that she loves: "Haagen-Dazs pralines and cream with some double cream."

The musician also revealed that her love affair with food is so intense it has even caused her to tell white lies.

She confessed: "I told my Ayurvedic doctor that I hadn't eaten any gluten, when I had a slice of pizza. It was a thin slice though so it doesn't really count."