Jessie Ware has given birth to her third child.

Jessie Ware [Instagram]

Jessie Ware [Instagram]

The 36-year-old singer/songwriter and her personal trainer husband Sam Burrows - who already have two children together - have welcomed a son.

Jessica shared a number of pictures on Instagram and wrote: "Our beautiful baby boy arrived safely at home on Thursday evening! Biggest thanks to the Lewisham Poppie Homebirth team, Sue, Flo & Lynn, lovely Mary from the labour ward at Lewisham Hospital, Aimee, Anna, dear Gowri @gentlebirthmethod and of course my @samburrowspt for the 5am sideways walks up a hill, the slow dances, the hardcore back rubs and the constant encouragement and confidence you had in me. It took a village of mighty women (and Sam) to get this little man here and I’m so so grateful. We are so very lucky to have the NHS and the special people that work there xxx."

Meanwhile, the 'Say You Love Me' hitmaker previously noted that being a mother hasn't altered her process as a musician.

She added: "I don’t think being a mother really changed the way I made music; it changed my time in the studio so I don’t p*** about for hours on end because I’ve got other things to do. Being a mother didn’t really come into this record and that’s OK because I’m many things apart from a mother. "

And she revealed that her heartbreak songs aren't actually autobiographical as she's been with Sam for almost 20 years.

She explained: "Romantically I've been with the same bloke since I was 18 so there's never been much drama going on there.

"But I think being a songwriter I have experimented and explored and not necessarily felt like everything has to be fully autobiographical and I think that really has emancipated me in my writing process and take to it in a different way."

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