Jim Parsons says the end of 'The Big Bang Theory' hasn't sunk in yet.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons

The 46-year-old actor has reflected on the beloved sitcom's finale five weeks after it reached its conclusion, but he admitted it won't "hit" him until September when filming would usually start again.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "It hasn't really hit me yet, completely, that it's over. Mostly because the way our schedule worked for 12 years, this was an actual break that we had.

"I'm looking forward to September where I'd normally be working and we'd start airing. That's when I think certain things will start hitting me."

Jim - who played physicist Sheldon Cooper over 12 seasons of the show - also revealed while he and his cast mates still keep in touch, their conversations are still focused on "stupid day-to-day stuff".

He said: "We're not talking about anything out of the ordinary yet!

"We're still texting about stupid day-to-day stuff, and that's another thing that will be interesting as time goes by.

"It's like anything else in life when you can't imagine how it's going to be until you get there."

Meanwhile, the star previously admitted although fans were sad when the show recently came to an end, it was the right time to step away because he'd done everything he could with his character.

He recently explained: "I played the s**t out of that character, and some people could have done it longer probably -- I don't mean our show, but this relationship with the character.

"But I feel like we really wrung that material for what it was."

And Jim said it was very unusual for someone in a "creative profession" to stay in the same job for such a long time.

He added: "No matter how successful you are, even if you're a huge success in movies, you don't get to check into the same parking space for 12 years.

"This is not how someone in a creative profession normally gets to behave. Most human beings crave that structure, so I can see how it causes some hurricanes in the heart."

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