Jimmy Kimmel burned his "hair and eyebrow off" while cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Jimmy Kimmel had a Thanksgiving mishap (c) instagram.com/jimmykimmel

Jimmy Kimmel had a Thanksgiving mishap (c) instagram.com/jimmykimmel

The 54-year-old star has urged his followers not to follow by example after the awkward incident on Thursday (25.11.21), but thankfully he seemed unharmed and able to see the funny side.

Alongside a snap of him covered in soot, he quipped: "Happy thanksgiving everyone. try not to burn your hair and eyebrow off lighting the over! (sic)"

In a separate post, Jimmy later revealed he wasn't hurt and the meal was salvaged as he posed with the cooked turkey.

He wrote: "Burnt hair-smoked turkey #happythanksgiving".

Apparently this isn't the first time Jimmy has done this either, as his daughter Katie commented: "Again?????"

He replied: "Yep. it's now a holiday tradition. (sic)"

In a previous chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy opened up on a disastrous Fourth of July celebration when his barbeque exploded.

He said: "I turned the gas on on the grill and then I went for a little walk to look for matches.

"And then when I came back I thought, ‘Hmm, I should probably open the lid and air this thing out, maybe turn it off and start over again.’

“And then I thought, ‘No, I’m not going to do that. What I’ll do is I’ll light a piece of paper on fire, then throw it into the grill.’ "I did that, and there was a massive explosion in my face. I burned my beard off and my eyebrow off and my eyelashes off.”

Actors Jeremy Renner and Chase Crawford both left laughing emojis on the post, and the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' late night talk show host's mishap also caught the attention of some celebrity chefs.

David Chang simply wrote: "Pro move."

And Jamie Oliver posted some praying hand emojis, and added: "Oh nooooo ! (sic)"