Jodie Marsh wants to "bath in bleach" when she thinks about getting intimate with a male again.

Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh

The 37-year-old glamour model - who is in the middle of divorcing her former partner James Placido despite tieing the knot in August last year after four-months of dating - has admitted the thought of getting steamy in the bedroom with a male again makes her "skin crawl", and she has found whenever she sees someone "hot" it is "always" towards a female.

Speaking about her romantic feelings following the break-up to the Mail Online, she said: "Listen, when you've had sex with the blokes I have you'd run a mile from sex. It makes my skin crawl. It makes me want to rip my own skin off and bath in bleach and it makes me feel sick. It makes me gag when I think about the blokes I've been with.

"I tweeted the other night that I fancy women as well.

"At the moment, whenever I look at someone that I think is hot, it's always a woman."

Although the star has admitted she is sexually attracted to the same sex, she doesn't want to put a "label" on her sexuality.

She added: "I don't want a label, I don't need a label, but I do fancy women.

"This is not me going 'Right I'm coming out,' I don't want a fuss made, I'm just saying as I look around this room there's a woman over there that's gorgeous and my eye would be drawn to her over any of the men in suits."

Meanwhile, Jodie - who has recently claimed she has returned to a celibate lifestyle - has admitted she needs to have sex with someone else to banish the bad memories of lovemaking with her estranged husband so she can remember what a good romp is.

Speaking previously, she said: "I am back to being celibate now and I almost think I do need to go out and have sex with someone else who is really sexy and gorgeous so that the last person I have sex with isn't him. I hate the thought of the last person I had sex with was him."

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