John Boyega used to take his dates to McDonald's.

John Boyega on ES Magazine cover

John Boyega on ES Magazine cover

The 'Star Wars' actor was born and raised in the underprivileged district of Peckham in South London and John has admitted to taking his love interests on dates to the fast-food restaurant as a young man.

He shared: "If you were getting the premium dating package back then you were getting taken to Peckham McDonald's and the cinema across the street. Done. That was all I could afford."

Since appearing in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', John has become one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood, and yet he has managed to remain tight-lipped about his own private life.

Asked if he's currently single, he told the ES Magazine: "I'm good. I've had various people try to find out [my status] but you'll have to run really fast to try and catch out a Peckham boy when it comes to what he's up to."

John also insisted he's not been defined by the area where he was raised, pointing to numerous success stories of people from the London district.

He explained: "I had an experience of quality art within Peckham. There are diverse spirits in that area who have different talents. I know a pilot from Peckham, I know a guy who deals in luxury cars and started his business in Peckham. Just because you're in the area doesn't mean you have to carry all the circumstances that come with it."

Meanwhile, John recently blasted Samuel L. Jackson for creating "conflict" between black British and African American actors.

The 25-year-old star criticised the Hollywood legend for saying black men from the UK should not play roles about the racial struggles faced by African Americans.

John tweeted: "Black brits vs African American. A stupid ass conflict we don't have time for. (sic)"

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