John Cena felt "really, really self-conscious" dancing in his underwear for the 'Peacemaker' trailer.

John Cena felt self-conscious filming in underwear

John Cena felt self-conscious filming in underwear

The 44-year-old pro wrestler, who portrays the superhero in the titular HBO Max show, admitted it was "the most embarrassing thing" dancing while scantily-clad for the programme's preview, and it was the first thing he had to shoot for the show.

He told SFX magazine: "You saw in the trailer: me literally dancing in my underwear. I'm really, really self-conscious. And we shot that first.

"Right out of the gate, I'm in front of however many people they allowed due to COVID safety, in my underwear, interpretive dancing, which is like the most embarrassing thing."

Cena isn't sure whether show creator James Gunn may have deliberately decided to shoot the star's underwear scene before filming any other scenes, but he believes filming that moment first was vital to him becoming "emotionally vulnerable" in his acting.

He added: "I don't know if that was just for budgetary reasons, or a stroke of coaching genius, that we started out with a super-vulnerable moment in front of the crew.

"But that led to me being more emotionally vulnerable, and leading into some of the more meaningful scenes from an introspective place.

"James has a way of doing that. Not only did he get me to do stuff I don't like to do in the show, there's a lot of stuff he go me to lean into.

"He got me to enjoy it and embrace the process. He did that physically, mentally, spiritually, in every facet of my life."

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