John Cena still wants to marry Nikki Bella and have children with her.

John Cena

John Cena

The two wrestlers called off their engagement last month just weeks before they were due to tie the knot but the 'Blockers' star admitted he is still in love with his former fiance and he isn't interested in finding anyone else.

He said: "I still love Nicole, I still would love to marry Nicole, I still would love to have a family with Nicole.

"There was an unfortunate set of circumstances where our relationship ended. There's been a lot of speculation recently about me being seen in public, and everyone's been like, 'Oh John Cena's enjoying the single life.' No, I was supposed to be married and have a honeymoon over these two weeks.

"I am in my house alone surrounded by these emotionally strong memories. And everyday from 6 to 9 I get out of the house and talk to strangers as social interaction.

"I don't want anybody else. I love Nicole and I'm really trying to support her in her trying to find whatever it is she wants that made this fall apart in the first place."

The 41-year-old sportsman suggested the break-up was down to Nikki, and admitted he'd been left with his "heart broken" by the split.

Speaking on US TV show 'Today', he said: "It's up and it's down.

"I've always been honest with you guys, I also don't want to ruin the viewers' morning by giving them a bowl of sadness soup. It's been up and it's been down.

"It's been incredibly reflective, which is amazing, but it's very difficult. I had my heart broken out of nowhere -- well, for me it was out of nowhere.

"And anyone who has experienced that knows that it comes with a series of bad feelings. But I've looked at myself every day and I've tried to evaluate myself and the woman that I love."

John admitted that although he sometimes has trouble communicating his feelings, he wants to do all he can to make Nikki, 34, happy and for their relationship to "work".

He added: "The point is for anyone out there speculating on what's going on, I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work and that's so just from [the heart] and all that other stuff is B.S.

"I'm just trying to live life without her on a very emotional set of time."

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