John Stamos is finding it “very difficult” to isolate away from his son after being exposed to COVID-19.

John Stamos

John Stamos

The ‘Full House’ star is currently in quarantine after he was exposed to COVID-19 for the third time, meaning he can’t go near his two-year-old son Billy – whom he has with his wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos – in case he is carrying the virus himself and accidentally passes it to the tot.

And John has admitted the past week has been “very difficult”, because he wants nothing more than to just “hold his kid”.

He said: "I think no matter what your living situation is or job situation, I think everyone can relate to not being able to just hold their kid.”

John had told his followers on Twitter that Billy "went to bed crying" because he couldn't be with his father, and has now revealed the youngster still doesn’t understand why his dad isn’t at home.

He added: "He still cries. He'll FaceTime me, but then he starts crying a lot. 'I want to cuddle,' he says. 'Daddy, I want to cuddle.'

"Caitlin's been telling him that I might have some germs and I have to take a test. So every day, he goes, 'Dad, you have germs? You have germs?' "

And when he finally does get to go home, John has said he’d love to try for another baby with his wife.

He told People magazine: "When I'm locked upstairs in a room and she's downstairs it makes it hard. We really would like two [kids] and honestly I think when this last quarantine hit, it was the wrong time because it was the right time to make a baby. It's also our anniversary this week, so I'm missing both those things.”

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