Josh Peck is “not really” friends with Drake Bell anymore.

Josh Peck isn't really friends with Drake Bell anymore

Josh Peck isn't really friends with Drake Bell anymore

The ‘Oppenheimer’ star wished his former ‘Drake Josh’ co-star “the best” during an appearance on the podcast ‘BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards’ on Thursday (17.03.22).

While playing a ‘word association’ game about various child stars, the 31-year-old actor responded to Drake’s name by saying: ‘Oh he’s fine. I wish him all the best,” before saying he and the 35-year-old actor are “not really friends”, prompting Josh to recall the drama surrounding his decision not to invite him to his wedding to Paige O’Brien in 2017 as they hadn’t stayed “in touch” since their time on Nickelodeon.

Josh said: "I get married to my wife and I marry this good Irish Catholic girl. ... We have this small wedding. The dirty little secret I guess was like, I knew that Drake and I didn't stay in touch for the 10 years since we had made the show. But no one needed to know that. Like, I was happy to just die with that secret that we made this thing that people really love but maybe we weren't that close. So I didn't invite him to my wedding because I hadn't really talked to him in many, many years."

However, Josh then revealed that Drake sent him text messages “cursing” and “coming” from about the snub, which Josh labelled as “delusional”.

He said: "It's delusional because it is like, 'Bro, it is like we worked at Coffee Bean together when we were 16. I am sorry that I am 31 now and I might have lost your number.’”

The ‘How I Met Your Father’ star then discussed the tweets sent by Drake that “immediately” went viral on Twitter with a false “narrative” all about not making the cut for the guest list.

Josh said: "He starts writing these tweets that immediately catch fire, so he like, leans in and goes on a press tour about how heartbroken he is and like, creating this narrative that just wasn’t true.”

Josh emphasised Paige - who is mother to his three-year-old son Max - was all he cared about after she got “torn down on the internet”

He said: "And here I am, I don't care about me. It's whatever. I signed up to be a public person, it is what it is. But here's my wife, right, who's getting torn down on the internet. I'm like, she's private and she just got married. Can't she just enjoy this?"

Josh said the next time he saw Drake saw the flesh possibly “the most The Sopranos thing”, in reference to the critically acclaimed HBO mafia show.

He said: "I remember we were at the [MTV] Video Music Awards and I see him there and he sees me. I go up to him, and this might be the most Sopranos thing I have ever done, I look at him and I go, 'Go apologize to my wife right now. He made a beeline for my wife and I see him do a whole five-minute performance of an apology."

Recently, Josh called Drake’s two year probation sentence - which he received after pleading guilty to attempting to endanger children and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles following a sexual abuse allegation from a minor - as “disappointing”.