Jourdan Dunn looks up to Karlie Kloss.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn

The 27-year-old beauty admires the "strong vision" of her fellow supermodel and respects the fact she is always "genuine".

She said: "The person I look up to the most is my friend Karlie Loss.

"I get so inspired every time I'm around her.

"She has such a strong vision for herself and is genuine in everything she does."

Jourdan gets to go to lots of exciting parties and glamorous events as part of her job, but her favourite ever bash was Beyonce's birthday party in 2016.

She told Marie Claire magazine: "The best party I've ever been to is Beyonce's 35th party last year.

"There wasa Soul Train theme and everyone came through with a look.

"It was nothing but good vibes.

"I had so much fun finding a 70s-inslired outfit."

When she gets a day off from work, Jourdan - who has a seven-year-old son Riley - loves getting the chance to catch up on her sleep.

She said: "My ideal day would start with no alarm going off in the morning for work, or prepping my son's lunch and getting him ready for school.

"I love sleep so much - anything that happens after that is just a bonus.

"if I want to really detach myself from the world, I have a nice relaxing bath with a book and make sure my phone is switched off."