Joy Behar will always apologise for her controversial comments on 'The View' – even if she doesn't mean it.

Joy Behar

Joy Behar

The 78-year-old comedian is the talk show's only remaining original co-host and says she is always prepared to say sorry after heated debates as she wants the programme – which has been broadcast since 1997 - to stay on air.

Joy told PEOPLE magazine: "Well, I've gotten in trouble a few on times on the show.

"I've had to apologise, which I'm happy to do in order to save mine and everybody else's job. I don't care. Even if I don't mean it, I'll do it. Even if I look like I'm in a hostage takeover, I'll still do it, because if you don't do it, you lose your job and everybody else's."

The 25th season of the show – which also features Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines on the panel – will begin on September 7 and Joy believes that the secret to the long-running programme's success is simple.

She said: "You have a bunch of women who speak their minds and enjoy the blowback. That's our stock-in-trade."

Behar also explained that she has no plans to change her style of comedy despite the occasions where has had to make apologies.

The star said: "My comedy has never been vicious or mean because my intent is just to make you laugh. That's all. I don't have any other motive.

"And so if the intention is in the right, and your heart is in the right place, I think that you can never really go wrong. I've offended people for sure, but whatever."

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