Dame Julie Walters has blasted the gender pay gap in the movie industry as "wrong".

Dame Julie Walters

Dame Julie Walters

The 67-year-old actress is furious that women are often given much lower salaries than their male co-stars, insisting the disparity makes no sense.

She told Good Housekeeping magazine: "[Men are] earning more money. Why? It's the same bloody job!

"It's women who go to the cinema more, generally speaking, so it doesn't make sense from that point of view either. I think it's wrong. Equal pay is the answer."

However, the 'Harry Potter' actress is pleased it is an issue that is being spoken about more frequently.

She said: "It's good that we're talking about it.

"It should be out there. A lot of people don't know that it is the case."

Julie is the latest star to speak about the pay gap, with former 'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss recently admitting she had been paid less than her male co-stars.

She said: "Have I experienced sexism like Peggy did in the 1960s? Of course not.

"But have there been times when I haven't made as much as a man? I'm sure. And it's a factual thing, not a matter of opinion. That's sexist."

And Keira Knighley admitted she had turned down roles because of the "ridiculous" pay differences.

She said: "The Hollywood pay gap is ridiculous and we have to do something about it.

"I've turned down jobs many times because of it. It's s**t."

Emma Watson has also spoken about the issue, admitting she used to worry about talking about it because she feared she'd be branded "a diva, spoilt or difficult".

And Rooney Mara thinks Hollywood is "having the wrong conversation" about the gender pay gap as she thinks the discussion should be about "why" rather than just stating the situation.

She shared: "I think that we're having the wrong conversation. The conversation isn't we're not getting paid as much as men.

"The conversation should be why and where does that come from because it's just a side effect of something much greater."

The issue of the gender pay gap in Hollywood has been a hot topic of conversation ever since hacked Sony emails revealed Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams had been paid less for their roles in 'American Hustle' than their male co-stars.

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