Justin Timberlake once insisted on having a unicycle in his dressing room.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

The 35-year-old singer-and-actor made the strange request as part of a prank, which saw The Capital Breakfast Show presenter Dave Berry ask for the one-wheeled bike on behalf of the 'Take Back The night' hitmaker prior to him gracing the stage for an "intimate gig" at the Indigo at The O2 venue in London for Capital FM.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about the most obscure requests they have received from their special celebrity guests on the show, presenter Lilah Parsons said: "Justin Timberlake asked for a unicycle."

And Dave - who co-hosts the morning Capital FM show alongside George Shelley and Lilah - explained the motivation for the joke, saying: "We did a session called 'Up Close with Capital', it was an intimate gig with Justin Timberlake it happened the other Monday but my friend runs the Indigo at The O2, and Justin Timberlake said, 'I don't but why don't you have some fun at your friends expense'.

"So I messaged my friend saying, 'Justin insists on having a unicycle in the dressing room before he goes on stage', then my friend went out to Halfords or to clown shop and left a note saying, 'My friend at Capital said you wanted one of these,' we couldn't believe it."

And the fun-loving presenters also revealed Lady Gaga was an "amazing guest" on their show because she arrived early and was delving into croissants and coffee prior to taking part in "Lady Gargaoke".

Lilah said: "Lady Gaga was amazing, she was totally game, we walked in the studio, she arrived super early we weren't expecting her, she had croissants and coffee for us and we played a game. She got so involved; Lady Gaga was gargling one of her own songs. And the game led Dave to title the game 'Lady Gargaoke'."

Tune into the Capital London Breakfast show with Dave, George and Lilah, week days 6am - 10am and Saturday 6am - 9am.

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