A few days ago Kanye West, also known as Kim Kardashian’s hubby, announced that he’s running for president in the US, and he did that the very moment Mars hit his Midheaven, the career sector and indicator of our life goals and public role. In astrological terms, quite a stunning and powerful entrée! A Midheaven in Aries points towards high ambitions in that area of life, and the willingness to fight. Kanye’s natal Mars is also in the 10th house in practical Taurus, which tells us he can work hard and put in the effort that’s needed so see through long-term projects successfully. Staying motivated and persevering isn’t a big problem, but it’s also a rather feminine Mars with Venus sitting on top as well.

Image courtesy of PA Images

Image courtesy of PA Images

We know he’s been a top musician and producer for many years, but what could be important to this guy in terms of politics, and what personality and values does he have? He’s a Gemini Sun like the current president and like him he is good with words, but his chart has quite a different backdrop. The quiet vibes that Kanye exudes are owed to his Cancer rising, a sign that’s rather childlike, shy and interested in securing emotional comfort and protection.

The most dominant planetary influences for Kanye are Jupiter and Neptune, as they directly affect his Sun and Moon. It’s not an easy pattern at all to express in a way that brings positive results. There’s a lot of changeable energy, and although his spiritual potential is nothing short of enormous (in terms of faith and belief, not necessarily religion), dreamy Neptune (planet of music and art) and expansive Jupiter in such a powerful combo can be very confusing and over the top idealistic and enthusiastic. Jupiter on Kanye’s Sun in the 12th house catches my eye, this is someone who wants to do good and is able to invest his personal abilities and self-expression into benefitting society as a whole, including the poor and neglected minorities. The challenge of serving a higher cause is definitely in his stars, but his Sun and Moon, the masculine and feminine side in a person, are at odds, and the Pisces Moon and strong Neptune are looking pretty vague despite a huge potential of empathy and fairness ideals. It seems like a ship cruising the ocean excited to explore new horizons, but without the captain giving clear orders which way to go. It’s all super intuitive and imaginative, but if he’s taking this seriously, he must be clear and confident in terms of his self-image and show more substance beyond idealism.

Speaking of substance, that is Saturn’s realm, and Saturn’s placed here in the 2nd house of substance and foundation. Great! So there is a potential there for bringing very ambitious ideas into a form and building something valuable to last. And Saturn has nice links with both Jupiter and Neptune, that’s kind of balancing it out a little bit and reducing the danger of loss of focus. He also has three personal planets in Taurus which provide grounded and stable energy. All in all, I like this chart that screams “Nothing is impossible if we all believe in the dream”. His desire to make things better looks huge, and there are also connections with the chart of the United States. I would say with some caution that this guy deserves a chance. With energetic, assertive Mars activating his career house for many months to come, it looks like Kanye West may indeed get very busy with his 2020 election campaign.

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