Kate Beckinsale pretended Rob Lowe had proposed to her when she was 13.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

The 44-year-old actress posted a picture of an old postcard on her Instagram account back in April in which 'The West Wing' star seemingly asked for her hand in marriage.

The postcard read: "Dear Kate, Yes I will marry you. See you soon. Love, Rob Lowe."

However, during an appearance on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Wednesday (02.08.17), the 'Underworld' actress was asked about the note, and she admitted she had in fact written it herself.

She said: "It's not really a letter to me. I think what it is, is my mum is really a true hoarder. So I go back to her house and she's got anything I've ever written anything on, and I might have gotten a free postcard and decided - I was 13 - that it was time for Rob Lowe to propose to me via postcard, and draw a penis as a stamp which I thought was a nice touch."

And when host James Corden asked the star if she would still consider taking the 53-year-old star's hand in marriage, Kate - who was previously married to Len Wiseman and has 18-year-old daughter Lily with her former partner Michael Sheen - politely declined.

She added: "No I wouldn't marry anyone, but I would give you the time of day if you drew a penis stamp."

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Kate is dating 21-year-old comedian Matt Rife, and is "totally smitten" with her beau.

A source said: "Kate and Matt are totally smitten with each other. They're happy that the news is out that they are together and they don't have to sneak around anymore.

"Kate and Matt are having fun. The age difference isn't really an issue. Matt is very mature for his age and wise beyond his years ... [he] has dated girls in the past but this seems the most serious."