Kate Hudson is "pre-planning the planning" of her wedding.

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa are getting married

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa are getting married

The 42-year-old actress is preparing to marry Danny Fujikawa and she admitted it takes a lot of organisation, so she's just starting to think about the things she will need to arrange for their big day.

The 'Bride Wars' star told 'Entertainment Tonight': "You know what I’m doing? I’m pre-planning the planning. Just kind of thinking of what we want to do and then I'm going back and forth between like, what is this really going to look like?

"Obviously, we’re so excited. But the idea of planning a wedding is like, a lot, it's a lot. I made a whole movie about it."

The 'Almost Famous' star has Ryder, 17, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, Bingham, 10, with former fiance Matt Bellamy, and Rani, three, with Danny, and all the kids are looking forward to the wedding.

She added: "I think they're really excited. It was something they were really excited for, all of us, and I'm just really happy."

Kate makes to-do lists to keep herself on track and thinks "structure" is key for her finding the right balance in her life.

She said: "I have one of those crazy lives where I do a lot of things in one day and I'm scheduled to a T.

"I don't want too many things happening. I like being with my kids, I like being able to do spontaneous things with my kids, so I think structure is what helps me balance the most."

The 'Truth Be Told' actress is excited about a family Thanksgiving later this month.

She said: "Thanksgiving, I think, is my favourite holiday, 'cause I love to cook. I love to bake, so I bake pies.

"I love Thanksgiving, and I think it'll be really amazing this year because we'll actually be able to celebrate all together, which I'm really excited about."