Kate Moss made her boyfriend buy her a ring because her finger felt “empty” after her divorce.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

The 46-year-old supermodel insisted the vintage emerald and diamond piece she wears every day on the third finger of her left hand isn’t a sign she’s getting married to Nikolai Von Bismarck – who she has been dating for five years – but she simply forced him to buy her a gift.

Kate – who was previously married to Jamie Hince – said: “Oh, no, I'm not engaged. It's more like, I'm in a relationship, I'm committed.

“I think after you've been married, that finger feels a bit empty. It was an 'I'm going out with you, and I have a very empty finger, so give me a ring' kind of present.”

While Kate loves jewellery, she admitted it isn’t a passion her partner shares, though he’s happy to shop with her.

She said: “I like going jewellery shopping with Nikolai - he's into it. I think some men take just as much pleasure in giving jewellery as we do in receiving it.

"I like it when men wear jewellery - such as a nice chain - but I can't imagine Nikolai in it. It's definitely not his thing."

Another of the British beauty’s most cherished pieces of jewellery is the diamond eternity ring her ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack presented her with after she gave birth to their daughter Lila, now 18.

She told Telegraph Luxury magazine: “When I gave birth to Lila, Jefferson bought me a diamond eternity ring, which is gorgeous. I'll give it to her one day.

“She likes all the girly jewellery; she's not into antiques yet, so my jewellery is safe, for the moment."

But Kate also loves to buy jewellery herself because she was always so “desperate” for some as a child.

She said: "I buy a lot for myself. Sometimes it's to mark a milestone, but most of the time it's just when I see something that catches my eye.

“I've got a big rose-cut diamond ring that's quite a... statement piece. I bought it as a bit of a celebration, a present to myself because I'd achieved something."

Asked where her jewellery obsession came from, she added: “Not ever having any. I was so desperate for a ring when I was little, I'd always leave the smallest Christmas present till last, hoping and praying that it was a jewellery box but it never was. I know, poor me!"