Kate Moss fainted when she met Frank Sinatra.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

The 'My Way' singer met the supermodel at his 80th birthday party in 1995 and Kate has admitted she was left "starstruck" by the singer, so much so that she went all "light-headed".

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, she said: "The most starstruck I’ve been is when I met Frank Sinatra - and then I fainted! There was still a twinkle in his blue eyes. Yeah, major. I was sitting down having a cigarette and he spotted me and made a beeline to me.

"He got all of his security to close in so Johnny couldn’t get to me. So we were encircled and he’s like, ‘How are you doing, little lady?’ and I said, ‘Happy birthday, Frank,’ and he just lunged for me. He kissed me on the lips, then gave me a filterless cigarette. I came off all light-headed. He was fabulous."

Meanwhile, Kate made her boyfriend buy her a ring because her finger felt “empty” after her divorce.

The model – who has been dating Nikolai Von Bismarck for five years – said: "I'm not engaged. It's more like, I'm in a relationship, I'm committed. I think after you've been married, that finger feels a bit empty. It was an 'I'm going out with you, and I have a very empty finger, so give me a ring' kind of present."

Kate also loves to buy jewellery herself because she was always so “desperate” for some as a child.

She said: "I buy a lot for myself. Sometimes it's to mark a milestone, but most of the time it's just when I see something that catches my eye. I've got a big rose-cut diamond ring that's quite a... statement piece. I bought it as a bit of a celebration, a present to myself because I'd achieved something."