Kate Moss' friend finds her relationship with Nikolai von Bismarck "weird".

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

The 42-year-old supermodel has been romancing the 29-year-old aristocrat for the last year and though her pal Jo Wood, 61, insists they are "cool" together, she admits she found it strange when they first got together as Nikolai is good friends with her son Tyrone.

Jo said: "It's so weird because she's my friend, but he is one of my son Tyrone's friends.

"I met him through my son.

"He is a nice guy and he's got good pedigree, which is very cool."

Jo also laughed off claims that Kate - who has never officially confirmed the end of her marriage to Jamie Hince - and Nikolai are set to tie the knot, but admitted she wouldn't be surprised if her friends does walk down the aisle again one day.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "She's not marrying him! I must call (their friend) Fran Cutler immediately and tell her people are actually saying this.

"No one has said anything about Kate marrying Nikolai, but nothing surprises me any more, especially not with Kate."

It was recently claimed Kate had kicked her boyfriend out of her home in North London because of his party lifestyle, after he and his pals trashed the basement on a boozy night.

A source said: "Kate is furious as she really thought he had got his act together recently.

"They'd both gone a few months without drinking but he's been as bad as ever over the past few weeks."

But Kate is reportedly keen to repair her relationship and sees her latest measure as a means of encouraging Nikolai to get his act together.

The source said: "Nikolai left with just a bag. Kate is trying to give him some tough love.

"She hopes it will work as she doesn't want to split with him ... but he might leave her with no other choice."