Kate Moss still uses public transport.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

The 43-year-old supermodel admits she isn't as frequent a user of the London Underground as she was when she first started her career, but she and her daughter Lila, 14, occasionally join the crowds to get around the UK capital.

She said: "We went on the Tube the other day. I hadn't been on one for a long time, although when I started modelling it's how I went to all my go-sees."

Despite her glamorous lifestyle, Kate - who is in a relationship with photographer Nikolai Von Bismarck - loves cooking at her London home.

She said: "You can write that Kate Moss can actually boil an egg."

And the British beauty doesn't even mind fans sitting outside her house, waiting to catch a glimpse of their idol.

She said: "It doesn't particularly bother me. One guy sits outside the house. He comes to the country too. Once he brought his kids and they spent the weekend sitting in the car."

Kate's friends insist the star gets along with everyone she meets.

Hairdresser James Brown said: "The thing about Kate is that one could imagine she inhabits this rarefied world and only talks to famous people. But go into a newsagent with her and within seconds she's deep in chat with the lady behind the counter, telling her some story, asking her questions. She's a communicator."

Kate's mantra is famously "Never complain, never explain" and she has admitted she rarely gives interviews because she can't help but spill her secrets.

She said: "I don't give interviews because I'm so s**t at keeping my mouth shut when I do."

Despite her slender frame, Kate hates working out.

She admitted: "I'm so unfit, I bloody hate exercise."

And she also hates the way she looks in gym gear.

After photographer Mert Alas explained he gifted Kate some trainers to encourage her to hit the gym, she confessed to British Vogue magazine : "I couldn't do it and I hated the way my feet looked in them."