Kate Moss has spent thousands of pounds redecorating her home with fine art.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

The 44-year-old fashion icon has opted to spruce up her abode by filling it with some of the most eye-catching pieces from a number of Britain's leading contemporary artists, including Magnus Gjoen, whose 'I Thought We'd Only Meet In Death Kate' bought for an estimated £1,500.

Leontia Reilly, the owner and curator at Leontia Galleries, explained: "Gjoen is a great investment piece. In the last twelve months we have had an abundance of enquires for his works, the value of his paintings are increasing every year.

"Kate's piece will not only increase In value over the next few years but it's so beautiful, the artwork is lenticular, which means the skull moves and follows the spectator as they move. It transforms a room."

Gjoen's piece is said to embody the concepts of life and death, with the skull symbolising human mortality and the flowers representing a new beginning.

Despite being a world-famous supermodel, Kate previously insisted she lives a "normal" life.

The British model - who has 15-year-old daughter Lila Grace with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack - said she prefers to do low-key things with old friends rather than hang out at glitzy showbiz events.

Kate explained: "I like to live a normal life away from work. And it's really important for me to have friends around me who go way back.

"I like hanging out together with my friends and our children who have all grown up together, and we love holidaying together too. It makes it all fun...

"My perfect weekend is in the country ,walking with the dogs, doing yoga, cooking a roast dinner and catching up on the TV I've missed in the week."

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