Kate Wright has revealed that her boyfriend Rio Ferdinand's children keep asking the couple to have a baby.

Kate Wright

Kate Wright

The former 'TOWIE' star and the retired Manchester United soccer player have been dating since January 2017 and their relationship is getting serious, with Rio's three kids, Lorenz, 11, Tate, nine, and Tia, six, referring to her as their "step-mum".

And it is the children who are pushing their dad Rio, 39, to have a baby with Kate, 26.

During an interview on 'This Morning' on Tuesday (08.05.18), Kate said: "At first I could never imagine the kids would talk about the future with me. When I'd pick them up from school they'd say I was an aunt, then it turned to their dad's girlfriend and now they say I'm their step-mum. Now on a daily basis they say, 'When are you giving us a brother or sister? I say, 'No not yet!' Then they'll say, 'When are you getting married? We want to be the bridesmaids.' It's really lovely how far we've come and now they're saying, 'Daddy, you going to do it yet.' Rio's thinking, 'Oh god, I've got three kids and Kate asking me when I'm going to do it.'

"I think what's important with this relationship is that everything we've done we've included them in it. From the first date Rio asked them if it would be OK if he could take me on a date, to us moving in together, to him asking me to be his girlfriend, everything the kids have been part of it so it didn't feel like it was me taking their dad away from them but us becoming a family unit."

For Rio, his relationship with Kate is his first romance since the death of his wife Rebecca, who passed away in 2015 following a cancer battle.

And Kate insists that she and Rio do everything they can to ensure that Rebecca and the ex-England player's late mother Janice are a big part of family life.

She said: "Rebecca is their mum and you only have one mum, she's irreplaceable. We have a special room in the house which for their mum and their nan that has photos of them in that, it has a computer in that room and it has bean bags and they might do their homework in there or they might say, 'Will you come and sit in mummy and nana's room.' We also celebrate their special occasions, like Rebecca's birthday and Mother's Day and Christmas. We will all go to the cemetery together, rather than it just be Rio and the children we all go and do it together. And me and Rio will speak about their mum, so I know a lot more about their mum than they think ... I think it's just horrendous, when I met Rio he'd just lost his mum and those kids have had two major losses."

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