Katherine Jenkins doesn't speak to anyone between her performances.

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

The 38-year-old soprano has revealed she's made a concerted effort to avoid talking to people between her performances because she fears it'll damage her voice.

She shared: "On tour, I don't speak between performances: from coming off stage to the next sound check. It's a discipline.

"To be in the best vocal state, you must not overwork your voice. I let everybody know: I would hate to appear rude."

Despite this, Katherine - who has kids Aaliyah, three, and Xander, who was born in April - no longer feels anxious before she takes to the stage.

The blonde beauty said experience has helped to erase the nerves she used to feel before performing.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I no longer get nervous performing. When I was younger, I would overthink things, and never performed as well as in rehearsal.

"Now it's second nature to get out there and have a good time, sharing the occasion with the audience. With young children, I do less international touring; I can go back when Aaliyah, who is three, and Xander are older."

Katherine has been married to artist and film director Andrew Levitas since 2014, and she's admitted to being "in awe" of his parenting skills.

She said, too, that she appreciates having such a strong support network of family and friends around her.

Katherine explained: "Kids are the best thing that ever happened to us. I'm in awe of my husband for how great a father he is. We're both artists, so love painting, dressing up, or putting on a show with the kids.

"My sister Laura lives in London with her two children, so my mother Susan can see all the grandchildren at once.

"My mother-in-law comes over from New York twice a year, and Andrew's grandmother is 93. My nana was an important influence on me, so it's great the children have these wise people in their lives."

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