Katherine Schwarzenegger has developed a “bow obsession” since welcoming her daughter into the world.

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger

The 30-year-old author has three-month-old daughter Lyla with her husband Chris Pratt, and has said that ever since Lyla was born, she’s become obsessed with collecting little bows to put in her daughter’s hair.

Showing off her haul on Instagram, Katherine told her followers: "I don't know if this like a normal thing that every mother goes through who has a little girl, but I have developed an insane obsession with buying bows for my daughter.

"I don't know if it's because my sister and I had such an epic bow collection growing up that we actually still have today, but I have purchased so many bows for my daughter recently.

"I just think it's so fun to have bows in every colour, and they're just so beautiful, so I'm into this obsession.”

The ‘Gift of Forgiveness’ author and her ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star spouse announced the birth of their daughter in August, and earlier this month, she admitted she has “hard days” as a mother.

She said: "You definitely have days where it's harder some days than other days, then you have things of feeling bad with a partner, or wanting to make everything good again.

"It's really hard.”

And despite having hard days, the beauty is still in “bliss mode” as a new mother.

Speaking in September, a source said: "[Katherine has been in] new mommy bliss mode. She took the first month off from most of her work and loved being able to do that. She just reached the six week mark and is looking forward to getting out and doing more. She has been very cautious with COVID and the air quality in LA so has been staying in."

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