Katherine Schwarzenegger orders from the children's menu.

Katherine Schwarzenegger eats kids meals

Katherine Schwarzenegger eats kids meals

The 31-year-old author - who has 15-month-old daughter Lyla with husband Chris Pratt - prefers to opt for a small portion when she goes out for dinner.

She admitted: "I order off the children's menu when I go out for dinner."

Katherine's own prowess in the kitchen has been improving and her nine-year-old stepson Jack - her husband's child with his first wife, Anna Faris - recently complimented her culinary skills, though it seems she'd set a low bar initially.

She told US Weekly magazine: "One of the best compliments I received this year was from my stepson Jack. "He told me my cooking has improved a lot from when I burned his Bagel Bites."

The activist is a devoted mom but wishes she had more time in the day to spend with her daughter.

She admitted: "I enjoy waking up early and having morning time with my daughter...

"After I put my daughter to sleep, I often look at pictures of her on my phone and am tempted to go wake her up because I miss her."

And when she isn't looking at photos of Lyra in the evenings, Katherine seeks out beauty advice online.

She said: "I watch make-up tutorials at night on YouTube."