Katie Price is building a "royal room" in her 'Mucky Mansion' designed by her terminally ill mother Amy.

Katie Price is building a room in her mansion for her terminally ill mother

Katie Price is building a room in her mansion for her terminally ill mother

The ex-glamour model, 43, - who is currently renovating her rundown Sussex property after it had been neglected for years - as part of a reality series and is building the "tribute room" for her 63-year-old mother who suffers from a terminal lung condition called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

A source told The Sun: "Amy's style is very tropical - parrot print on the wall, palm trees - a lot of pink and green - and while filming was going on, she was worried how Katie would react when she saw it!

“Everyone's calling it the 'royal room' - Amy's putting her own spin on the design and it'll be a special tribute room to Amy so Katie always has a memory of her in the house."

Amy was first diagnosed with the incurable illness - which causes scarring to the lungs and leads to severe breathing difficulties - back in 2017 and Katie previously admitted that she has "accepted" the diagnosis and has made plans for her mother's funeral.

In her book 'Harvey and Me' , she wrote: "I've accepted it now because I have to. She has an incurable disease and that's just the reality of it. I know it sounds awful, but once we knew the prognosis, I even spoke to my mum about her funeral and what she wants for it. "I think it's much easier to organise a funeral if you know what they want."

' Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion' is set to air on Channel 4 later this month and will consist of six episodes.

In a statement, Katie said: "My house has been called the Mucky Mansion in the past, but it’s not that anymore, I’m making it a home. I’m getting my hands dirty and doing a lot of the work myself and, with the help of my amazing family and some brilliant friends, I’m putting the past behind me and rebuilding."

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