Katie Price arranged for her son Harvey to meet Barney the Dinosaur.

Harvey meets Barney the Dinosaur

Harvey meets Barney the Dinosaur

The former glamour model, posted a film of the surprise on Monday evening (20.06.22) to her Twitter and YouTube channel.

It shows the 43-year-old shooting her son with an iPhone as the pink dino bounds up to meet her heavily disabled son at what appears to be his residential college in Gloucestershire.

Price starts the video by saying: “Oh my God, Harv who’s that? Look, Harv. Look! Oh Harv, what do you think?”

As her son bounces up and down with excitement and gets a hug from Barney, the former model adds: “Oh, is he talking to you? What is he saying?”

When asked what he thought and if the character was his “favourite”, Harvey yells: “Yes!”

Price captioned the video: “Watch Harvey get a special surprise from one of his favourite characters, Barney! This was a very special moment for me, he was so excited! I love you Harv.”

She accompanied the message with a string of heart emojis.

Harvey, 20, has a number of complex disabilities, including Prader-Willi Syndrome, autism and blindness.

Price has spent years sharing his love of Barney.

Earlier this year, the mum-of-five showed how Harvey had drawn TV character Barney on the screen of his iPad and sent it to mum as she said it “made her smile”.

She said: “Couldn’t help but put this up tonight. Makes me smile when Harv sends me pictures, so talented.”

In 2018 she posted a video of Harvey singing his own lyrics to the Barney theme song, telling his mum: “I love you, you love me, mummy loves Harvey and Harvey loves mummy.”

The latest Barney video was posted after Price defiantly revealed on Instagram she has got her fifth new dog after fans started a petition to stop her owning animals.

Its maker said: “In the last 5 years more animals have died from lack of care. Horses, dogs, cats, lizards, hedgehogs. This isn't a single family tragedy. It's a common thing in Katie Price's home.”

One of Price’s dogs, Alsatian Sparkle, was killed running into a busy road, while another died when she was struck by a delivery diver.

In 2017 one of her horses escaped her West Sussex property and was killed when a car hit it on the A24.

Animal rights group PETA has also declared Price should be barred from owning any more pets.

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