Katie Price "hit rock bottom" last year.

Katie Price

Katie Price

The 40-year-old star has had a tough 12 months - which has seen her split from Kieran Hayler and her mother be diagnosed with a terminal illness - but she feels she is finally in a "happy place".

Speaking about her exes - Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran - she told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "These past few months it's like there is someone out there trying to destroy me and put me down as much as they can. I couldn't have hit rock bottom any more than I have. Now I know I'm in a happy place. I just need to deal with the three exes. My mum calls them the bitches in my life. Once the bitches are out of my life then my life can pick up again, but it's so draining."

It comes after Katie claimed that her estranged husband never took his sex addiction therapy seriously and only went to a handful of sessions.

She said: "You'll see sex therapists and other chats. I can't believe someone can be so clever. He lies all the time. You can't be diagnosed as having sex addiction just because one therapist filled out some forms and said he had one. He goes on about how he goes to therapy but he went about four times, if that! He said he was going to therapy in Brighton but probably sh***ed the 19 year old on the way back. He even said when I asked him, 'When you went in that room and knew you were going to do it, did you not think, this is wrong?' But he says no. He's got two sides. He's so lovely and convincing, which is dangerous. He got me to a place where he manipulated me into a hole."