Katie Price has vowed to "never stop" having kids.

Katie Price

Katie Price

The 38-year-old former glamour model - who has Harvey, 15, Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, from past relationships and Jett, three, and two-year-old Bunny with husband Kieran Hayler - wants a huge family, and after she's stopped getting pregnant herself, plans to turn to adoption and other forms of becoming a parent.

Asked her ideal number of children, she told OK! magazine: "As many as I can have. Then I want to do other things like adoption.

"I just want a big family, to never stop. I love it.

"I walk into the house and there are loads of kids - I don't know any different. It just works.

"I'll only stop when I'm ready."

Katie recently admitted she has a lot of names in mind for her future children.

She said: "Obviously I've got a Princess and a Bunny, Harvey was named after my granddad and Junior because he was a mini Pete, but I actually like the name Royalty, I don't care if no one else does.

"Royalty, then Prince and then King and then Duchess, I've got them all named, I don't know how many more I'll have. [The whole monarchy?] Why not."

Katie also recently opened up about the very different experiences she's had giving birth to all her children.

She recalled: "I've experienced quite a lot having five, trust Harvey, the biggest, to be natural. He was two weeks late and they had to break my waters, which is painful.

"With Junior, I had to have a caesarian and I got post-natal depression with him.

"When you have a natural, they put them on you straight away, whereas with Junior, they took him away and handed him to his dad, and you're the last [to hold them], I think it's weird.

"Princess went all well, that was all planned, and when you've planned it, it's different, but then when I had Jett, my waters broke in France, different experience again, they took him away and I didn't hold him until the evening."