Katie Price is in a rush to marry Carl Woods so her ill mother can be there at her wedding.

Katie Price

Katie Price

The 42-year-old star has been dating Carl for a number of months but she is keen to tie the knot with him as soon as possible as her mother Amy is terminally ill and she wants to ensure Amy can be with her on the big day.

A source said: "I think the reason Katie is in such a rush to marry Carl is the fact her mum is very ill. Amy likes Carl - she gave him the seal of approval at the weekend as she can see how happy he makes Katie and how much the kids like him."That's all she wants - to see Katie in a happy stable relationship. So part of the reason Katie is rushing forward in the relationship is the fact that her mum is so ill and Katie would love her to be at the wedding if she's well enough."

Whilst Katie's spokesperson told The Sun Online: "Amy has given her seal of approval and Carl does have all the hallmarks of good husband material."With Amy’s condition being terminal, time is a reality factor - there is no way Amy would not to be present to see her daughter marry Carl. Amy’s birthday was a happy event, despite her illness she made the most of her day with the family."

Meanwhile, Katie had previously revealed she has moved in with Carl on doctor's orders.

She said: "I've moved in with him, the kids will stay at his, but his house is the show home, it's immaculate, but mine is more like the Jungle Book. The doctors from The Priory have said that my house, mentally, is a place I can't ever go back to because there's too many memories. Even just walking up the driveway drives me mad, and when I'm in I want to get out of there. I can't explain it in my head and it's just so sad what's happened to my house."

Katie and Carl Woods are currently off on a "baby making" holiday to the Maldives.

A source said at the time: "Katie's really excited and has been telling everyone that she and Carl will spend the whole holiday 'making babies'."Nobody would be surprised if she returned pregnant with her sixth baby. She's already taking folic acid and is on a 'fertility diet' with lots of spinach and vitamins. They're moving very fast, but as Katie says, she's not getting any younger."

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