Katie Price's son Harvey has had his second COVID-19 vaccination and has experienced no side-effects.

Harvey Price and Katie Price

Harvey Price and Katie Price

The 18 year old - who lives with a number of disabilities including autism, partial blindness and Prader-Willi Syndrome - ended up in hospital when he suffered a bad reaction to his first jab and had to be rushed to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital as he was "shaking uncontrollably" with a temperature of 39.9 degrees. His symptoms were later confirmed to have been caused by his body's reaction to the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab he was given.

Harvey - whose estranged father is retired Manchester United soccer player Dwight Yorke - received his second dose last week and has suffered no ill effects this time.

Katie, 42, confirmed to The Sun Online that Harvey was "absolutely fine" after getting the second jab.

A source also added: "Katie's very worried - she always fears the worst when it comes to Harvey's health but is trying to remain calm.

"Like any mum would be, she's beside herself with worry. It's dangerous as Harvey hasn't got cortisol in his body to fight like us."

Katie - who has four other children - previously spoke out about her frightening ordeal after Harvey was given his first jab, urging her fans and social media followers not to be put off by the extreme reaction he suffered to his inoculation.

She said: "I am in awe of the NHS - they are amazing, without them Harvey would not be here today.

"I don't want anyone worrying about him as he’s fine now at home eating carrot cake. Despite Harvey's reaction, he is one of a kind, the COVID jab is so important especially for those in high risk categories.

"I am so much happier in the knowledge Harvey is safer now he has had his."

However, Katie did call for "strict medical supervision" and monitoring for those who suffer with "complex and rare conditions" when they have their vaccination.

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