Katy Perry won't change herself for anyone.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker insists she uses make up as an "expression" of who she is as a person, rather than who somebody else wants her to be.

She told People Style: "My make up is an expression of who I am and who I'm trying to be, not a reflection of who I'm with ... When I was younger, I'd wake up early to make sure I had a full face of 'natural look' first thing in the morning. That's a couple hours of sleep I'll never get back! I love makeup's power to transform and empower."

Meanwhile, Katy previously revealed she feels there is "nothing to hide behind" after having her hair changed into a pixie cut and says it has also changed what kind of make up she goes for.

She explained: "The short hair obviously really puts your face at the forefront - there's nothing to hide behind! I focus on clean, beautiful skin, and then a statement eye or a statement lip. I love playing with unexpected colours for my eyes, so the Cool Kat Palette is a favourite at the moment. And with the weather getting warmer, especially here in South America where I'm on tour, Katy Kat Gloss is such a cheerful way to dress up your smile ... I love make up's power to transform and empower. It could be a day look gloss that you glam up with some glitter to go out. It's a little whisper of a lash to put new curtains on the windows to your soul. There's something for everyone in this collection, and it allows anyone to be anything!"

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