Katy Perry is teaming up with Pokemon for a new music programme.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

The 36-year-old pop star is teaming up with the iconic franchise on P25 Music, a new venture to mark Pokemon's 25th anniversary, and Katy - who gave birth to daughter Daisy in August - was even more keen on the "playful" collaboration now she has become a mother.

The 'Smile' hitmaker said: "I love being a part of anything that is playful and is good storytelling and has really good messages to share with the world. Now having a child myself, I understand that it's so important to play. This is a continued extension of who I am."

Katy recalled the "amazing" experience she had visiting The Pokemon Cafe in Japan in 2019.

She told PEOPLE: "I was pregnant when I was there actually, little did I know! It was amazing. It brought up all these wonderful childhood memories. I've been going to Japan since I was 17 every year and have always really loved everything that's been created there."

Katy admits that she is able to identify with Pokemon's protagonist Pikachu.

She explained: "I'm really attached to the hero. I know there are others in the game, but I just found Pikachu to be really cute. I understand the story of Pikachu.

"On the surface, you might just think I'm just cute, have a couple of cute songs. But if you dig deeper, you'll realise 'Chained to the Rhythm' is not just a fun little song!"

The 'American Idol' judge hopes that the Pokemon project gives her fans something to look forward to this year as things are so "unknown".

Katy said: "In this moment of unknown, there are dependable places and characters and institutions and people, and I hope I can be one of them. That's what I hope for in my personal self, and even in my involvement with this collab."

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