Katy Perry's daughter "loved" seeing her mom on stage.

Katy Perry's daughter is her biggest fan

Katy Perry's daughter is her biggest fan

The 'I Kissed a Girl' hitmaker is currently performing her residency 'Play' in Las Vegas and 21-month-old Daisy - who she has with fiance Orlando Bloom - has been in the audience for parts of the show because Katy believes it holds universal appeal to all ages.

She told E! News' 'Daily Pop': "She has seen, like, the first act and a little bit of the second act—I think there's like five or six acts—so, one day she'll see the whole thing. But she loved it so much. She was dancing in the audience and just being, you know, her joyful self.

"I see six year olds in the audience. I see people that are 8 to 80, and it just really makes my heart very happy to know that families are coming out, because that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking to bring my family.

"We gotta cover 11, gotta cover two, gotta cover 45, 37. So, I feel like this show is that, and it's a great little, joyful bit of escapism."

Katy - who received the key to the city of Las Vegas earlier this week - has enjoyed being able to explore everything the city has to offer with her family during her breaks.

She told 'Extra': “I feel that I’m welcome. I feel like one of them. I feel like I’ve had so many memories, so many good memories here in Vegas and family memories. So you know, it just, like, it feels very natural to be here.

“And also, like, I have ventured outside and done so many experiences, even while I’ve been here and I’ve tasted like the new Vegas, which feels like an experiential place full of options for families, which is like my cup of tea.

“I’ve eaten my way through The Strip for sure. I’ve been to the pools, I’ve been to the spa, I’ve been to the kiddie playgrounds. I’ve even been to like the outdoor, you know, playgrounds during the winter."

The 37-year-old star had a particularly memorable Christmas in Las Vegas.

She added: "We were here all of December. I mean, I spent Christmas Day here, which was great.

“It was like, okay, well, we’re not going to go home for Christmas, but we’re going to be, like, I remember I took my daughter to a dinosaur-themed outdoor park like 15 minutes away from here… and that was like really cute and very sweet.

"And we had a Christmas dinner for the whole crew, and it was awesome. But I just I like I remember coming here and going to all the thrift stores and the vintage stores and like, you know, there’s so much in Las Vegas, and it’s not just in the one strip. There’s like a lot of personality here.”