Keanu Reeves has left it "too late" to settle down and have children.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

The 52-year-old actor - whose daughter Ava was tragically stillborn in December 1999, just a month before his girlfriend Jennifer Syme died in a car accident - is resigned to the fact he will never start a family of his own.

Asked if he wants to settle down, he said: "I'm too... it's too late. It's over.

"I'm 52. I'm not going to have any kids."

But the 'John Wick: Chapter 2' star is determined to cram as much as he can into his life and admitted he is only just starting to "get better" at accepting he's getting old.

He told Britain's Esquire magazine: "I'm every cliché. F**king mortality. Ageing. I'm just starting to get better at it.

"Just the amount of stuff you have to do before you're dead. I'm all of the clichés, and it's embarrassing.

"It's all of them. It's just, 'Oh my God. OK. Where did the time go? How come things are changing? How much time do I have left? What didn't I do?' "

Keanu hasn't spoken to his father Samuel - who was arrested and jailed for drug dealing in 1994 - since he was 13 years old but thinks he has inherited certain personality traits from both his Chinese-Hawaiian father and his British mother Patricia.

He said: "I don't know my father that well but I think that we probably have the same kind of certain sense of humour, share a little sense of the humour, the way we look at the world. And then from my mum... she's English. There's a formality to her. So, I think partly some of my kind of formality. I would say that. Yeah."

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