Kelly Ripa thinks it's "funny" when people insult her on the Internet.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa

The 48-year-old television presenter has become known for her clapbacks against online trolls on social media, and has said she doesn't take their comments to heart and has fun responding to them, especially if they make a slew of grammatical errors in their criticism.

She said: "For me, I look at social media like I look at most parts of my life - it's incredibly silly. It's an indulgence that I tend to have when I'm really either sitting in traffic, going to an airport, at the dentist, or when I have downtime. When I clap back, I am very bored and I have time on my hands.

"I mean, people insult me all the time. I actually don't take it personally. My whole thing, I think it's funny when people insult me and they can't spell. So that's the only time you'll see me weighing in. That's the only time because I'm like, if you're going to insult somebody, have a basic, basic, basic handle on punctuation or spelling the word 'too.'"

The 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' host even offered some advice to those who like to leave comments on her Instagram posts.

She added: "While insulting, try not to look like a stooge. But for me it's like, I really don't take it personally and I don't think the trolls take it personally."

And the blonde beauty says she often feels the need to clap back at trolls when they post negative comments on posts made by her husband Mark Consuelos, especially when he's trying to use his platform to "advocate for equal pay".

Speaking to InStyle magazine, Kelly - who has son Michael, 21, daughter Lola, 17, and son Joaquin, 15, with Mark - said: "If it's my husband's account and he's advocating for equal pay for men and women, and you utilise that opportunity to tell me that I'm too old to be with my same-aged husband and you spell 'too' wrong, maybe I am just going to have to say something. Maybe you're missing the bigger picture."