Kerry Katona was drinking "three bottles of Prosecco" a night in the middle of her marriage troubles.

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona

The Atomic Kitten star admits she used to down bottles of bubbly as she attempted to cope with her turbulent relationship with George Kay.

She said: "I became so isolated. I was drinking three bottles of Prosecco or Cava a night because he completely controlled my life."

However, Kerry is sober now and says she feels "empowered and amazing".

Talking to pal Ampika Pickston about going sober, she told the audience at her live show in Manchester: "I don't see the point. I have to do the school run, I have no cleaners, I'm literally doing it all myself. I feel empowered, amazing, and my kids are awesome. I've drunk enough to last me a lifetime, so I don't do it any more."

Meanwhile, Kerry previously admitted she feels "emotionally scarred" by her marriage to George.

The singer - who has Molly, 16, Lily-Sue, 15, Heidi, 11, and Maxwell, nine, from previous marriages and three-year-old Dylan-Jorge with George - said: "I really struggled at first because he was with me 24/7 and it was like a death. But it's just me and the kids at home now and a much happier house. He held me back, put me down and the financial strain of having him here was huge ...

"I had some amazing times but the bad outweighed the good. I feel emotionally scarred, but the children and I are the happiest we've been in a long time. I wouldn't take George back in a million years. Lilly would walk out if I did, and I'm not even attracted to him any more."