Kerry Katona can no longer see her and fiancé Ryan Mahoney having a baby.

Kerry Katona doesn't see herself having a baby with fiance Ryan Mahoney

Kerry Katona doesn't see herself having a baby with fiance Ryan Mahoney

The former Atomic Kitten star - who has Molly, 20, Lilly-Sue, 19, Heidi, 15, Maxwell, 14, and Dylan, eight, from previous relationships - has confessed that despite planning to freeze her eggs in case she and the fitness coach decide to have a child together, she doesn't think her partner is ready for baby duties and she's made a U-turn on the decision to add to the family.

Writing in her new! Magazine column, she said: "I previously spoke about freezing my eggs to potentially have a baby with Ryan. But now I can’t see us ever having children together.

"In all honesty, I just can’t imagine Ryan with a newborn and getting up in the middle of the night for feeds. He’s a great stepdad, but I’m not sure he’d be able to cope with a baby. Ryan is very content with the kids we have."

Kerry previously ruled out adopting a child and had considered surrogacy.

She said last year: "Ryan wants to be a dad and I'm supportive of that, so I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen."

Ryan wanted his child to carry his own name.

She shared: "He'd like to carry on his name as well. We wouldn't want to adopt as it's like he's almost adopted my children anyway. Ryan is such a wonderful stepdad to my kids and treats them like his own."

The 41-year-old star said of their options: "I'm 40 so we're going to have to go down the process of freezing my eggs and getting them extracted.

"We want to talk to doctors and find the right surrogate."

Kerry was terrified by the prospect of carrying a baby after she almost died during her last pregnancy.

She said: "If I could carry a baby and be confident I'd feel alright at the end of it, I would.

"But my last pregnancy was so traumatic.

"I'm 100 percent considering surrogacy. But we want to move house first and get ourselves sorted."