Kimberley Walsh wishes she "cared" more about her appearance.

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh

The former Girls Aloud singer has admitted she doesn't put any "pressure" on herself to look good, and wishes she could be "bothered" to put in more of an effort because she gets envious of women on Instagram who are "focused and driven" when it comes to their diets.

She said: "Sometimes I wish I could put more pressure on myself, but clearly I just don't have it in me to care enough about my appearance!

"I try not to eat to excess the majority of the time, but sometimes when I look at other people on Instagram who seem to be so much more focused and driven, I'm just like 'Why can't I be bothered to do that?'"

But the 36-year-old singer admits she doesn't have the time to hit the gym, as she's too busy looking after her two sons, three-year-old Bobby and 19-month-old Cole, whom she has with her husband Justin Scott.

She added: "But when I'm tired from running around with the boys, I'm certainly not going to see a trainer at 7pm when they go to sleep. And I'm not doing when Cole's napping because that's the only time I've got to get other stuff done."

Despite seeing pictures on Instagram that make her envious, she is a big fan of the social media platform, and even has her own tips for taking the perfect selfie.

She said: "Instagram [is my favourite]. I like seeing pictures. I take [selfies] from up high so I can give myself a jawline, and then I turn my face to my good side - my left - and hope for the best."

And although she's an Instagram expert, Kimberley has never got the hang of using Facebook.

When asked by Fabulous magazine if she has a private Facebook account, she said: "No, I've never had a Facebook account. I know what it's about, but I never engaged in it, and it's a bit too late now!"

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