Kimberley Walsh’s baby has inspired her friends to have more kids.

Kimberley Walsh's third child is her easiest

Kimberley Walsh's third child is her easiest

The 39-year-old star – who has Bobby, seven, Cole, five, and six-month-old Nate with husband Justin Scott – admitted she’s been “lucky” her youngest child has been so content and “easy”, and claimed pals who’d sworn off adding to their families are now having second thoughts after seeing how well he has fitted into their lives.

She told Psychologies magazine: “We got so lucky with this one.

“Obviously I adore all my kids but Nate has been the easiest – which was a relief, with him being the third.

“Even the breastfeeding, which I’ve struggled with in the past and has put a dampener on those first few weeks, has been brilliant.

“He came out of the womb, latched on and fed for an hour, and I was more excited by that than anything else.

"Friends of mine who had totally hung up their heels when it came to having more babies have said Nate’s seriously made them reconsider.

“He’s so content and a proper little chiller, just like his dad.

However, the former Girls Aloud singer is “definitely done” with having kids and as a result worries she has “ruined” Nate by being indulgent, instead of striving to get him into a routine.

She said: “A big part of me wants to savour these night feeds because I know I’m not having any more babies and I’m so aware of how quickly the time goes.

“They get so attached to you with breastfeeding and Nate loves the cuddles that come with it.

“If I thought I was doing all this again, maybe I’d be more practically minded, but he’s my last baby and I just can’t bring myself to be hard on him. So I’ve ruined him instead.”

Although Kimberley is happy to be working, the ‘Morning Live’ host admitted juggling the needs of her kids makes it too difficult to return to her beloved musical theatre at the moment.

She said: “The only way I could do musical theatre with the kids so young is to do a job-share with another woman, because three nights a week might be doable. Seven or eight shows a week is just not realistic.

“Leaving the baby at bedtime would kill me and the other two need me too.

“It’s not happened yet but I’m going to put it out there now just in case someone somewhere is listening.”