Kylie Minogue still has “scars” from her broken engagement.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

The ‘All the Lovers’ hitmaker insisted she was never “heartbroken” when her relationship with Joshua Sasse ended in 2017, the year after he’d popped the question, but the experience has left an impact on her and “shaped” who she is now.

Kylie – who is now in a relationship with Paul Solomons – said: “I still maintain I didn't feel heartbroken, I just felt broken - 2017 was spent writing 'Golden' and, by 2018, when it came out. I'd met my current boyfriend. So time changes everything.

"There are still some scars. I think that's just what happens.

"Otherwise, you wouldn't have been that invested, or you wouldn't have gone through all of those emotions.

"There's self-doubt as well, like, 'How did that happen? How did I let that happen?'

"I'm trying not to sound too dramatic about it but it does shape you as a person and it's part of your bounty of experience.

“Time heals, so it does seem less dramatic once it's in the rear-view mirror.

"But there's still definitely space for melancholy because that's part of life."

The 52-year-old star admitted her friends knew Paul was The One very quickly because she started “acting different”.

Asked if she felt something magical when she met Paul, she said: “I did actually. Maybe not quite like a romance novel, where there are butterflies and stars shooting through the air. But yeah, definitely.

"All my friends said to me, 'You were acting different.'

"And that's when I knew there was something. Because I thought I was acting cool but maybe I wasn't."

And Kylie is “hopeful” she’s finally found lasting love.

Discussing whether she and Paul will be together forever, she told heat magazine: “I think that's hopeful. Being realistic, we can only take each day as it comes.

"I've found someone who... We have a really great connection and a great time together. Life presents challenges and if you can get through those with someone who is understanding, then that's brilliant."

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