Lana Del Rey insists she is the "best girlfriend."

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

The 31-year-old singer is currently dating fellow musician G-Eazy, and the flame-haired beauty believes she is the ideal partner because she is "unconditionally understanding", "very loving", and will want to be with her beau all the time.

Speaking about her romantic side to Elle UK magazine, the 'Young and Beautiful' hitmaker said: "I actually am the best girlfriend because I only get into a relationship if I'm really excited about it.

"I'm unconditionally understanding, very loving and I like to be with that person for a lot of the time."

The vocalist - who recently dated Francesco Carrozzini and is believed to have previously been linked to Kassidy band member Barrie-James O'Neill - has claimed "not all" of her relationships have been "bad", although some partner's she has romantically attached to have "challenged" her, which she never wanted to happen.

She explained: "All the tough things that I have been through - that I've drawn upon [in my work] - don't exist for me anymore. Not all my romantic relationships were bad, but some of them challenged me in a way that I didn't want to be challenged and I am happy I don't have to do that now."

The New York-born star has revealed the type of man she looks for is someone who has "a little bit of edge, the sexiness, the magnetism, the camaraderie" and is not selfish, or the frontman of any band.

She said: "For me, the dream is to have a little bit of edge, the sexiness, the magnetism, the camaraderie, be on the same page and all that stuff, but without the fallout that comes from a person who is really selfish and puts only their needs first, which is like a lot of frontmen if we're talking about musicians."

And Lana has joked she would love to write a guide on why people should avoid dating the lead singer of a group.

The songwriter said: "I'm going to write a book one day called, "The curse of the frontman and why you should always date a bassist."

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