Lance Bass hopes his children are born early so he can have “Halloween babies”.

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

The NSYNC star and his husband Michael Turchin are currently expecting twins, and although they’re not due to arrive until November, Lance is hoping they’ll at least come a few weeks early so that they’re here in time for Halloween at the end of October.

He said: "They're twins, so we know they'll come early. Our due date's November, but they'll definitely come before Halloween, which I'm excited about because I am a huge Halloween freak. I need Halloween babies."

However, Lance doesn’t want his babies to arrive too soon either, because he and Michael currently have construction going on at their home to get their nursery ready for the impending arrivals.

He added: "It is crazy at this house. We're in the middle of construction now. Doing construction in the middle of a pandemic is pretty impossible to do. Everything takes so long ... It took us almost two years to get a freaking permit. So hopefully we'll have the nursery done by the time they get here. If they come early, we're in trouble."

Lance, 42, can’t wait to experience holidays with his little ones, as he wants to experience the “magic” of events like Christmas and Halloween as a parent.

He explained to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: "I grew up in Mississippi. I had an incredible family to look up to, so I always knew I wanted to have kids and raise some good people. I think the thing I'm really looking forward to is getting that magic back of the holidays.

"Halloween, Christmas, you name it, it kind of loses that magic the older you get, but then when you have kids around and see that magic through their eyes, it just brings it right back. I'm excited to feel that again."

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