LeAnne Rimes has her face shaved as part of her beauty regime.

Leanne Rimes

Leanne Rimes

The 'How Do I Live' hitmaker recently adopted the unusual treatment, known as Kao Sori which involves the fine hairs on a person's face and neck being cut off, and she would recommend it to all women as it leaves her face as smooth as a "baby's butt".

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she shared: "I just did it not long ago, a couple weeks ago, and it was amazing. My facialist did it with a scalpel - by the way I'd seen this facialist for a long time, I wouldn't let just anyone have a scalpel around my face! It's insane but afterwards my face just felt like a baby's butt."

Kao Sori originates in Asia and its practitioners claim it opens up a person's pores and enables the skin to take on more moisture leaving it looking more youthful.

LeAnne - who is married to Eddie Cibrian - certainly seems impressed, adding it left her face feeling "nice and smooth, all of it. It's amazing. I have sensitive skin and it was great for that".

The 33-year-old musician kept reading about Kao Sori in magazines and decided she had to try it.

She said: "I read about it many, many times, but she was talking about it that day. There's no shaving cream or anything. It's dry, so it's really exfoliating."

LeAnne is not the only celebrity to give the shaving a go in the search of eternal youth.

Rachel Hunter - the ex-wife of Sir Rod Stewart - underwent the process for her TV show, 'Rachel's Tour of Beauty'.

In the programme, the stunning 46-year-old blonde visits a clinic in Japan where she has the fine hairs removed from her face and neck with a razor.

However, women will only see the benefits for up to three weeks and once you start the method, you need to keep returning for a dry shave.