Lena Dunham spent four days in hospital after the Met Gala.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

The 'Girls' creator had to make a quick exit from the New York fashion extravaganza last week due to complications from her recent endometriosis surgery and admitted it was a surreal experience to go from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the emergency room.

She wrote in her Lenny Letter: "I wore a massive gingham gown like some endometriosis-battling Scarlett O'Hara.

"I went straight from a women's room full of supermodels and wearable art to the hospital. I was there for four days."

The 30-year-old actress has been candid about her struggle with the condition - in which body tissue found inside the uterus grows outside it - and gave thanks for knowing she, unlike other women, has the reassurance of good healthcare in place as it was one less thing she had to worry about.

She wrote: "Whether I was covered under my parents' plan, a student plan, or my union plan (thank you Writers' Guild of America, you're the booooomb), good health care has allowed me to conquer physical and mental illness and continue to work, to express myself, to enjoy life even when it had all the makings of a bleak month or year. I feel f***ing lucky.

"Luck, in the form of health coverage - that's a huge roadblock sitting in the way of so many American women conquering their lives."

Lena underwent surgery for her condition last month, after which she believed she was now free from the condition.

She said at the time: "My surgery went off without a hitch. When I emerged, cotton-mouthed, [Dr. Randy Harris] told me something I hadn't expected to hear, maybe ever: there was no endometriosis left. Between my surgeries and hormonal intervention, I was disease-free.

"That doesn't mean it can never return. But for now, once my sutures have been removed and my bruises have changed from blue to yellow to green to gone, I will be healthy."

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